Creative Ways To Use Safari Bookmarks

Safari bookmarks seem straight-forward. But you can do some creative things to get more use from them. You can use emoji in bookmark names, create folders and subfolders, and even add descriptions to bookmarks to make research easier.

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    George Rubin
    7 years ago

    Is there a simple way to alphabetize?

    7 years ago

    George: No, no simple way to alphabetize them.

    Adrian Hayes
    7 years ago

    Thanks Gary - as usual helpful and informative. I used to be able to move Folders around to reorder them in Bookmarks by simply dragging them, but this now seems to result in the Folder I am trying to move disappearing inside an adjacent one. Is there any way to reorder them or has this now been designed out?

    7 years ago

    Adrian: It still works. You have to be careful when you drag them and watch where the dot at the left end of the blue line extends. If it indents under a folder, you are playing it inside the folder. If it is more even with the left side of the folder, then you are placing it at the same level, just after the folder. As you drag, look at that line and don't release until you get it right.

    7 years ago

    Thanks for that! Seems like this will help keep bookmarks a little more organized/meaningful.

    Samuel Corchado
    7 years ago

    I found this very interesting and useful. thanks again for all your insights!!

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