Disable Photos Memories Notifications on iPhone and Mac

The Memories feature in the Photos app will alert you with new Memories albums from time to time. If you'd rather certain dates, people or locations not trigger memories in the future, you can indicate that. If you'd also like to disable the notifications for memories so you can just ignore them, you can do that as well on the iPhone, iPad and Mac.
Video Transcript / Captions
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So the Memories feature, both on your Mac and on your iPhone, sometimes it's fun. Sometimes it's to remember something exactly a year ago or your Mom on Mother's Day. Something like that. But not everybody likes it. So a common question is how do you turn it off? You can't really turn it off but you can quiet it so you don't get notifications about it. You can actually delete memories very easily and block memories from happening. Let me show you some of the techniques here.

Let's start off on the iPhone. So on the iPhone here we can go to Memories in the Photos app by tapping Memories at the bottom of the screen. Then here's some memories here from this sample account. Now if you want to block a memory what you can do is you can go into it and I find the simplest thing is to scroll to the bottom of the memory. At the very bottom you see it says Block Memory. Tap that. Now in some cases it will just block this one memory. In other cases it will give you, like, block memories of this day or this location or for this person. Because memories come about for different reasons. Sometimes they're triggered by those different things. So if this memory, in this case, if for a specific day I can say not only block this memory but block all memories of this day. So don't use this day as something to generate memories in the future.

On the Mac you go into the Photos app and click on Memories on the left and you can do the same thing. Now you can actually Control click on any of these memories here and you get a Delete memory option. But if it's a memory that's somehow triggered by something like a date, so this one is. I Control click and it actually says Block Memory and Day. I could also go into the memory and go all the way to the bottom. Then there's Block Memory and it goes Day there.

Now also on the iPhone here you can block the Notifications which is sometimes what people want anyway. I mean you could just ignore the memories on your Photos app if you don't care about them but you get these notifications. So they can be a little annoying. So to get those you go into Settings and in Settings go to Notifications. Here you can go to the Photos app and find it. There's a whole different set of notifications for Memories. So tap on Memories there and you can just turn all of these off so you don't get notifications when there's a new memory.

On your Mac you just go to System Preferences. Go to Notifications and under Notifications you can find Photos. Here's where you can turn off Notifications for the Photos app. But if you want some notifications like Sharing notifications and such to remain on you have a setting in the Photos app under Preferences, under General, and here is where you can turn off Show Memories Notifications. So you can silence just the Memories notifications and not the rest in Mac Photos.