Duplicate With Incrementing Numbers

If you have a file or folder with a number in the name, like “Image 1.jpg” or “Images 1” you can duplicate it in the Finder and the new copy will automatically increment the number. Instead of using Command+D, drag and drop into the same folder with the Option key held down. The copy will be named “Image 2.jpg” or “Images 2” and so on. So if you create a folder named “Accounts 2008” and then drag and drop with the option key five times, you will get folders for the years 2009 through 2013.

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    9 years ago

    This does not work in 10.6.8, is there another way of copying with incrementing numbers? I often set up files with ascending dates and this would be really great.

      9 years ago

      This tip, like all the tips and tutorials here at MacMost, is meant for the latest OS.

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