MacMost Now 505: Emailing iPhoto Slideshows

You can email a slideshow to a friend by exporting the slideshow from iPhoto as a video and then attaching that file to the message. But there are many good reasons not to use email, but instead share the video online and send a link instead.

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    13 years ago

    I would have rendered the video size first, saved it, THEN e-mailed it.

    Howard Watson
    13 years ago

    I enjoy Gary's narrative on the videos. He goes a little fast with the demos. Would help if he slowed down just a bit so I could follow his cursor positions.
    Always good stuff

    NY educator
    13 years ago

    You are incredible Gary!
    Thank you so much for sharing your expertise so quickly and clearly, and freely!! You out shine anything else I've seen done for mac tutorials. I am posting here, but it was your iMovie 09 tutorials that blew me away. You took such a complex program and broke it down into such manageable steps.

    11 years ago

    what file size would you save it with to load to FB?

      11 years ago

      I would do something rather small. It depends on how fast your connection is. Try different settings to get something you like that won't be too big of a file.

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