Embed Keynote Presentations Into Blog Posts

A new feature of Keynote allows you to easily embed your finished presentation as a piece of interactive media in blog posts. This works in the popular platforms WordPress.com and Medium.com, as well as possibly others.
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A new feature of the latest version of Keynote, version 7.1, allows you to embed your finished Keynote presentation in some popular website offering tools. For instance WordPress.com or Medium.com. So let me show you how it's done because it's not very intuitive. It's part of the collaboration feature which kind of is counterintuitive because you're not trying to collaborate, your trying to actually just show people, you know, a presentation you made.

So let's say for instance I wanted to take my Improving Your Passwords presentation and put that into a post I was doing about it at one of those two popular blogging sites. How would I do it?

First I would go to the Collaborate tool which you see up here. Click on that and I want to start collaborating. I want to change the Share options. I want it to be Anybody with a Link because you're posting this publicly so its got to be for anybody. I want it to have permission to View Only. Now I'm going to not add a password. I'm going to also set to Copy Link as how I want to get the information out and I'm going to hit Share. It's going to start the collaboration and it's going to take some time especially if you've got a presentation with lots ofimages and things like that. Its got to put the entire thing on iCloud.

So this is basically using iCloud to share your presentation in the same way you would use it to collaborate with somebody else. You get this link and you can use this link for various things. I'm going to paste the link in here and you can see here it says link for this temporary presentation I've done. If I wanted to actually have somebody take a look at it with me I could give them that link and it's fine. That's meant for kind of a work collaboration kind of thing.

The same exact link can be used to embed this into a blog post. So first let's try pasting this into a post at WordPress.com if you use that blogging platform. I'm in the visual editor here and it should be as easy as pasting that URL in here. But in my experience it doesn't work very well. I'm actually going to copy again. I've pasted it here into TextEdit, as you saw me do before. This is formatted as plain text. You can see I can change it to rick text but right now it's plain text. It actually included a whole bunch of extra information normally but I just want the plain text. So basically by pasting it into a plain text document and copying it again I'm now copying the pure URL not, you know, a special kind of thing with like a little preview and stuff. I'm going to paste it here into WordPress and hit Return.

It actually takes that URLand immediately processes it and figures out it is supposed to be an embedded piece of media. And there it is. I've got that embedded Keynote presentation. I can still write text before it and after it in here as a regular blog post. So I could have been writing some stuff and I could insert this in the middle. When the person is actually looking at this blog post they'll be able to use arrows here to go back and forth and even open for viewing in Keynote here. Go full screen. All sorts of things.

Likewise you can do the same thing in Medium here. So here I am in Medium and I'm going to go in here and I'm going to hit the Plus button. I'm going to choose Embed. I'm going to paste and return and it will paste in the embedded Keynote presentation. It's kind of like pasting in an embedded YouTube video. It recognizes that this is a Keynote presentation and it's going to put it in there just like that. I can still write text before it and after it. All of that. The person will see it as something interactive in the middle of my post here on Medium or on WordPress.com.

It may work at other blogging sites as well as long as they use the same kind of code that WordPress and Medium are using. So if you use another way of blogging you may want to give it try. If it works, it works. If not you can hope maybe that's added in the future or you can just include it as a link for people to go and visit the actual Keynote presentation so they can view it at iCloud.com.

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    Terry Haddow
    2 years ago

    This seems like a great feature. I wonder how many other blog posts it works with ( google etc).

    2 years ago

    Sadly, does not work in Weebly! Would love to know the trick if there is one.

    Kerrie Redgate
    2 years ago

    Brilliant, Gary! One question: is there anything restricting this from working in a WordPress.org blog that has a business URL instead of the wordpress.com URL? Thanks again for a great tutorial.

    2 years ago

    Kerrie: Shouldn’t be. But hosting your own WordPress means you can configure lots of theme options and plugins. So it is possible that one of them can interfere. But this is easy to test. Just create a draft post, embed a test presentation, and preview the post.

    Kerrie Redgate
    2 years ago

    Thanks so much, Gary! I’ll try that. This has all sorts of possibilities. Cheers!

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