Expanding Save and Print Dialogs

When you try to save or print a document, you sometimes end up with a very small dialog box with a limited set of options. By knowing where to look, you can expand the Save and Print dialogs to reveal more options and make it easier to save and print your document.

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    Jean-Marc Corbeil
    6 years ago

    Extremely useful tips Gary. Thank you very. much.

    6 years ago

    very useful . Although I must say , that the hidden menu is one of the few things I dislike about the Apple OS as I find it rather cumbersome to have the details dialogue not shown in the 1st place.

    6 years ago

    After clicking on the PDF box in the print menu, I have added a new folder that shows there. However, when I chose something to go there, it doesn't; it just ends up in Documents. However, if I chose Web Receipts things will go there directly. Why is this so? Thank you.

    6 years ago

    Sharon: Hard to say without seeing exactly what you are doing. Just look over things carefully. Maybe try it again with a variety of locations.

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