10 Tips for Using the PDF Menu in the Print Dialog

There are lots of ways to use the PDF button that is hidden in the Print Dialog of most apps. You can use it to print part of a document or page, export as an image, send directly to Mail and much more.

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    John Russell
    1 year ago

    The Save to Web Receipts feature has saved my bacon more than once. Of course saving receipts is a good thing for remembering what you've spent, receipts for third-party apps often contain serial numbers for the software. Very helpful when you need to prove yourself to the software provider.

    1 year ago

    Gary, Thanks.

    Larry Roberts
    1 year ago

    Thank you for the added in depth knowledge. I thought I knew my Mac, but you keep showing me the power built in. Loving my Mac more and more. I do have to use both Windows and Mac and find that I have to buy apps for windows to do what the native Mac OS can do. I really appreciate the power of the Preview app and print to PDF.

    1 year ago

    Gary, Many Thanks. Exactly (and much more) what I was looking for.

    1 year ago

    Great productivity tips Gary, thanks. I find it better to define a keyboard shortcut Command-P to Save as PDF… for all apps. With that, all I need to do to create a PDF is hit Command-P twice. Really sweet.

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