Facing Pages In Pages

The latest update to Pages for Mac, iCloud and iOS allows you to create documents with facing pages. You can define different headers and footers for the left and right pages. Margins can be set as inside and outside instead of left and right. You can also choose whether to view the document onscreen as single pages or pairs of pages.

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    Mavis Brauer
    6 years ago

    I am writing a family book and this "facing pages" upgrade is amazing. I am no longer faced with the task of reformatting a large number of pages individually. Thanks for explaining the specifics. Love your online course!

    Liz Burton
    6 years ago

    Be advised that handling images in a formatted document in facing-pages view is extremely problematic. Apparently, the page flow is still one-up even though you're looking at two, or there's some other issue with moving objects between pages. Images don't insert where the cursor is and can't be moved from one page to another. I had to revert to single-page to put in the graphics where I wanted them to go.

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