MacMost Now 120: Favorite Podcasts

Gary Rosenzweig talks about some of his favorite podcasts, including This Week In Tech (TWiT), Geek Brief, Slashdot Review, Tech5, Net@Nite, Grammar Girl, Chillcast, Pop Candy and more.
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Hi. This is Gary Rosenzweig with MacMost Now. This week I'm going to the New Media Expo in Las Vegas. It's a conference that's all about pod casting, so I thought it would be a good opportunity for me to list some of my favorite pod casts so maybe you can discover some that you like. So there's some pod casts I listen to to keep in touch with what's going on in tech news, and there's other ones I listen to for entertainment. The most important pod cast in my week is 'This Week in Tech' by Leo Laporte. It's an audio pod cast that includes a whole bunch of different tech journalist personalities every week talking about the different things going on in the world. Next is GeekBrief with Cali Lewis. This is a video pod cast that shows you all the cool gadgets that have just come out. Sometimes it's hardware, sometimes its software. I find that if I just watch GeekBrief, I'm up to date on all the latest stuff. Now another great tech news oriented pod cast is Slashdot Review. So host Andy McCaskey is fantastic at not only telling you what the latest tech news is, but explaining things, giving you a little bit of insight into all the new technologies that are happening out there. I find it not only keeps me up to date, but is also fascinating listening. Now another good tech pod cast is net@night. Net@night is another Leo Laporte pod cast, and it's actually hosted by Leo Laporte and Amber MacArthur. It specializes in web 2.0 stuff, pointing out a lot of cool links to cool new websites. They also have interviews with some of the founders of web 2.0 companies. I also listen to some pod casts that are for music. First I listen to The Chillcast with Anji Bee. Every week she presents a cool set of chill music that is always great to listen to. In addition, I also listen to USA Today's Pop Candy. Whitney Mathison covers pop culture for USA Today in her blog. Her pod cast usually includes a lot of cool new music as well. A lot of people watch Walstrip, a video pod cast about Wall Street for information. I watch it for entertainment. I'm not really that interested in investing in a lot of companies, but I find it's really cool to find out about these companies in an entertaining way. There's always a good dose of humor with every video pod cast. A short little pod cast I listen to just about every week is Grammar Girl. Now Grammar Girl puts out a lot of cool tips about writing. For instance, how to use its vs. it's, how to use hyphens, that type of thing. So it's always good to spend five minutes learning how to write a little bit better. Now, of course, I also watch a lot of video pod casts that are purely for entertainment purposes, things that have been around for awhile like, 'Ask a Ninja,' or 'Tiki Bar TV.' If you search all around in iTunes, you'll find that there's a pod cast for just about every interest. So go take a look, subscribe to some pod casts, and give them a try. Till next time, this is Gary Rosenzweig with MacMost Now.

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    11 years ago

    This was a cool show sharing other podcasts. I, myself love watching Cali Lewis on GeekBrief and get updates on the tech world.
    I really wish you listed links to these podcasts in your show notes here.

    Thanks for sharing, I saw a few new podcasts I like to check out.
    For iPhone owners, they should check out RingtoneFeeder.Com . True it’s a pay service but every week or two they post free ringtones for your iPhone that sound really “good” on the iPhone!

    11 years ago

    gary! it was great talking to you at the coverville 500 show this weekend. vinyl is always a favorite subject of mine. i’m super curious to see if you go through with that crazy idea blogging idea you told me about it. keep me in the loop! :D


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