MacMost Now 120: Favorite Podcasts

Gary Rosenzweig talks about some of his favorite podcasts, including This Week In Tech (TWiT), Geek Brief, Slashdot Review, Tech5, Net@Nite, Grammar Girl, Chillcast, Pop Candy and more.

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    16 years ago

    This was a cool show sharing other podcasts. I, myself love watching Cali Lewis on GeekBrief and get updates on the tech world.
    I really wish you listed links to these podcasts in your show notes here.

    Thanks for sharing, I saw a few new podcasts I like to check out.
    For iPhone owners, they should check out RingtoneFeeder.Com . True it's a pay service but every week or two they post free ringtones for your iPhone that sound really "good" on the iPhone!

    16 years ago

    gary! it was great talking to you at the coverville 500 show this weekend. vinyl is always a favorite subject of mine. i'm super curious to see if you go through with that crazy idea blogging idea you told me about it. keep me in the loop! :D


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