MacMost Now 249: Finding Missing iTunes Artwork

Learn how to populate your iTunes music collection with artwork, even if the artwork is not in the iTunes database. You can search for your own art, even for albums that don't have any available, and add them manually to your iTunes collection.

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    Barry Chertov
    15 years ago

    First, Thanks so much for your generally helpful videos. Gary!

    I tried this tip about assigning artwork and I believe when you select multiple tracks and then drag the artwork to the window you mentioned, the artwork is only assigned to the first track.

    The correct way, according to my testing, is to select multiple tracks and do a "Get info" and goto the artwork page and drag the artwork there.


    14 years ago

    Thank you! very helpful!

    river rance
    14 years ago

    how do you add album art to streaming music in itunes?

      14 years ago

      Streaming music? Like a radio station? I don't think you do.

    Mr Anthony Cotton
    12 years ago

    I have a specific folder for all art work for the albums in iTunes for example- Led Zeppelin,The Stones,The Beatles, and so on. I just do exactly what you do, just to make sure i watched your video Gary.

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