Finding the Largest Files On Your Mac

A quick search in the Finder will show you the largest files on your Mac or in a specific location on your Mac. But you may be better off using a special system utility that will show you large files and other items taking up a lot of space. Once you locate large files you can delete the or archive them to an external drive to free up space on your Mac's hard drive.

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    John R Carter Sr
    4 years ago

    And a much easier way is to use DaisyDisk to get a graphical representation of all the files on a drive. The paid for version offers additional features that you probably don't care about.

    4 years ago

    hi Gary
    this question maybe a little too app-specific but it's related to space management. Do you know what happens to messages in Mail if we move them to the archive folder? I was considering using it to keep emails that I might need to refer to in the future but didn't wanna just put them in mail folders. I wasn't sure if archiving messages would reduce the space these messages (and attachments) use up. Thanks.

    4 years ago

    Nick: Like all things email, it depends on your email service provider and how you are set up with that server. For me, using Gmail and iCloud I archive everything. But for the most part that means it is on the server, not really taking up much space on my local drive. Is Mail using a lot of space for you? If you are using modern email (iCloud, Gmail or IMAP) then it shouldnā€™t.

    Sandy Paine
    4 years ago

    I didn't have enough room to download Catalina which I'm waiting until the bugs are worked out. Went to the Apple store. The used the Daisy Disk also and deleted what what using up all the GB. didn't have to buy it.

    Kay Fisher
    4 years ago

    Grandperspective - Greatest space app ever. One of my greatest fears with Catalina was that it would break Grandperspective. But they updated it. Avail in the mac app store for $2 or free from gethub.
    Try it - you will like it!

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