Finding the Right iPhone Case

I often get asked about iPhone cases. People want to know which one is the best one, or which one is right for them.
Not only is it hard for me to tell which is best, but I can’t even pretend to have seen or used even a fraction of the hundreds of cases out there.
But I can see the problem. After all, if you go to an online store, you can see there are hundreds of cases. If you go to a retail store, like the Apple Store, you only see a fraction of those. My local store has a maybe three dozen cases on display. I figure that’s only 5% of what is really available.
So I created a new section of MacMost called the iPhone Case Finder. Basically it lists all 700+ iPhone and iPod Touch cases, including only ones that are in stock or can be shipped quickly. So you don’t need to look at hundreds more that you can’t really get.
You can narrow the search by color, manufacturer, iPhone/iPod model and a variety of style choices.
The results are then put in a list that you can roll over to dig deeper by viewing images and reading descriptions. Then just click to go to Amazon and buy one if you fall in love.
Hope you like this new section and find it useful.

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    Brian Wilde
    10/15/09 @ 9:38 pm

    This is great! I only wish i had this neat guide earlier.

    I have already bought one case for my new 3GS from ATT, an upsell after buying the phone. I “jumped” at the first case i saw: the Speck “Black Candy Shell” ($35) such a great tight design and astetically pleasing, but later find out it slides out of your hand due to the hard plastic shell.

    I then bought the Tech Headquarter silicon skin (2 for $16 at WalMart) and it works great, the silicon is rubbery, kind of loose, but easy to hold.

    So, again the guide is great!! But design and handling are best after using for a few days.

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