MacMost Now 96: FireFox 3 Review

Gary Rosenzweig takes a look at the FireFox 3 browser for Mac. New features include smooth zoom, better bookmarking and site identification.

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    16 years ago

    I'm glad you reviewed this as I was wondering if I should download it.
    Off the bat, when I open the Firefox 3 browser my Cam comes on, why?
    I'm trying to find out how to disable that. That could be a security issue.

    16 years ago

    I like firefox 3 and use it daily, but there are still bugs. Sometimes when I enter a URL and hit 'return' on my keyboard nothing happens.

    16 years ago

    Hey Gary! You seemed pretty frickin' chipper in the ol' podcast, nice work! Does firefox do private browsing like Safari?

    16 years ago

    There are a few critical pieces missing in your review.

    * The awesome bar. I find that it is pretty awesome. You showed that you can add tags to the bookmarks, yet you overlook the fact that those tags will also aid you in completing website urls visited frequently. This is especially useful when working with URLs that Firefox doesn't have an auto-completion shortcut for. For example, to get to I simply type in login after that site's been bookmarked in tagged and it shows up as the first site in list of URLs.

    * Memory management is a *vast* improvement over FF2 and Safari. Tons of memory leaks have been plugged and now you can leave Firefox open for hours on end without it draining your system of RAM.

    * Javascript sped shows dramatic speed increases as well. Just as fast or if not faster than Safari in my experience. If you want to see what I'm talking about try loading a story from with a large number of comments and Firefox will be able to keep up and process your request much more quickly than FF 2.x.

    * Native Mac OS X widgets. One of the reasons why I stuck with Camino for such a long time is because of it's Gecko back end and because the widgets on web pages had the native OS X aqua look and feel. Try going to Google's home page and look at how ugly the Google Search and I'm Feeling Lucky buttons look in FireFox 2. It looks like a bastard port from Windows and it's looked downright awful! At least in Firefox 3 web forms and widgets adopt the OS X look and feel so I would have to disagree with your point that the interface isn't much more improved compared to Firefox 2.

    * Speaking of general UI, if you right-click the toolbar and choose Customize you can enable Use Small Icons and get the size of the back button down to a more reasonable size.

    I think your podcasts are great and one of the more finely polished shows I see on YouTube, but I think you missed the mark on this one and you should give Firefox 3 a second look before dismissing it as being something of a disappointment for you.

    16 years ago

    Love Firefox 3.
    But I'm a Windows user.. So...

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