Forum Question: 2011 MacBook Air full restore – where is iLife?

I just did a full restore on my New MacBook Air. I forgot about iLife 11, and now I can’t find out how to re-install it? I’m not worried because I own an iLife disk for my Mac Mini, but as part of the restore process, I would like to know what I missed where iLife is concerned – thanks as always for your help!
Mike K

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    8/8/11 @ 3:42 pm

    So you did a clean install, erasing the drive and starting from scratch?
    That’s trouble. I hope iLife is the only issue you have.
    Is this a brand new MacBook Air? As in the last few weeks?
    If so, they what you actually received was a copy of iMovie, iPhoto and GarageBand from the Mac App Store for free. So you should be able to just go into the Mac App Store and go to those three apps, or look under “purchases” and re-download them. Of course if you never registered your Mac and set it up before you did the restore, then I’m not sure how it would know you own those three apps.

      Mike K
      8/8/11 @ 3:51 pm

      Beautiful – Thanks! I forgot that I got iLife from the App Store. I signed in, and all 3 programs are there for re-download.
      Yes, it’s a brand new MacBook Air. The clean restore went very well. I erased everything, then on reboot the screen was blank – nothing. I held down command-r on the next reboot, and Lion was downloaded automatically and it re-installed without a hitch.

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