Forum Question: A better way to read from the iPhone?

I have the myvu goggles for the iPhone, they work just fine. Although I wish I could use them to read from the kindle app or other reading apps on the iPhone. One of the reasons TV is so mainstream and got there there so quickly is because is is ergonomically easy to watch. But holding something up to your face is not, and hunched over a book isn’t either. Do you know any way I could get the iPhone to put what ever it’s showing to the video out pin on the dock connector port? Thank for all the great info, you made my switch from PC to mac much easier.

— Frank Upham

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    6/5/10 @ 2:33 pm

    There’s no way to get the video out of the iPhone or iPad to work that way. It is a shame, but only supported apps (Video, Keynote, Photos) will send video to the dock port.

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