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A Strong Recommendation To Get a Apple Watch

As I wrote in an earlier question, I’m 77, have colon cancer, and on a strong chemo regiment.

The night before I had a bathroom emergency. As I sat on the stool I fell and hit my head hard enough to render me unable to get up. (get the jokes over with)

As I lay to the floor my watch started raising holy hell in my ear but I was unable to respond, Some 5 minutes or so later my doorbell was pushed about 50 times. The sheriff’s deputy found his way to the bathroom window. And with his calm urgencies, I was able to get to my feet and go and unlock the door. 3 members of the local squad, plus 2 deputies filed into my kitchen and see me mostly in my undies covered in crap. Beautiful response time. Assuming some of you are in the same boat, buy yourself an Apple watch. It could save your life.
James Cliff

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    4 years ago

    Thanks for sharing that story!

    4 years ago

    Lucky for sure, but you created your own luck with the Apple Watch. This is the main reason for me to eventually buy an AW. Not getting any younger: my dad had colon cancer too, successfully removed. I was diagnosed too, but luckily early enough: only minimal surgery. The AW may have great general functionalities, so you can stop using your phone all the time, but for me the health aspects trump everything. Wanted to buy AWs for my parents as a present, but they chose Android smartphones. :(

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