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“Add [shortcut] To Siri” Has “Type Phrase” Not Red Record Phrase Button. Why?

On my iPhone XS and iPad Pro when I try to add a Siri Shortcut Suggestion to Siri, it requires me to Type the phrase, instead of providing a res record button for me to record the phrase.

Settings -> Siri & Search -> Suggested Shortcuts -> tap on a suggested shortcut -> Add to Siri screen appears with a blue “Type Phrase” button instead of a red record button as shown in Apple’s Shortcuts User Guide and all of your videos.

I am running latest iOS and Shortcuts 2.1.1.

How di I get it to show the red record button so I can use my voice to record the phrase?
Vincent Cina

Comments: 4 Responses to ““Add [shortcut] To Siri” Has “Type Phrase” Not Red Record Phrase Button. Why?”

    2 years ago

    My guess is that you have turned on “Type to Siri.” This allows you to type commands instead of speak them.

    Check in Settings, General, Accessibility, Siri, Type to Siri.

    Vincent Cina
    2 years ago

    Great ‘guess’, disabling Type to Siri resolved it.

    Frankie Inzerillo
    2 years ago

    I have no idea what my type phrase is

    2 years ago

    Frankie: “Type Phrase” is asking you to type a phrase. As in: type some words that you will use to trigger this shortcut. I believe you only see this if you have Type To Siri turned on. Otherwise, you will have a red record button to speak a phrase.

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