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Address Book Export

is there a way to export adresses from the adressbook other than vcard ? Need my adresses for a mailing and have to export it for exel.

I am a bit disappointed that apple does not develop it further since all this years. not even in Snow Leopard anything been done.

Need urgently better search and sort options, and mostly better export options into serveral format. Is very important for businessapp. Don´t understand, why apple doesn´t care about that.

— Günther

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    15 years ago

    There are several free exporters for Address Book. Address Book Exporter and Address Book to CSV Exporter come up immediately when I search. I've never had to use either of them, so I don't know how well they work. Give them a try and report back. Thanks!

    15 years ago

    Hi Gary,
    ADDRESS BOOK EXPORTER is small Shareware which basically works well and fast. But it leaves just rudimentary options to edit which fields can be exported, and leaves out some important ones. I used it in my desperation up to now, but was looking for better solutions, as I had to move the content of a not supported field into a supported one to get it into the export. Which was quite some work with 5000 adresses. Also newest version of it is from 2006, so doesn´t seem to be supported anymore.
    Still I think it can be recommended, because it does a good job in its limits. And its free and its really fast, even the 5000 adresses took just the blink of an eye.

    The AB to CSV EXPORTER I just tried out now. Its also a very rudimentary piece of software but it potentially seems to export all the informations of the AB. Its basically built to bring the adresses to a GMail account, but you get an exportfile in between, so you can send it anywhere. But for some reason it has just one field for "name" and "adress" so you can´t seperately export those infos (prename, surname, street, zip, etc) but all telephone and e-mails and everything else. Maybe I did something wrong on that, but did´t find the solution, so this easily, so it made it useless for me. Furthermore it crashes when you want to export bigger groups. It works on some hundred adresses, but it crashed on the 3500 adress group repeatedly, so second reason to be useless. It seemed to be a bit slower but maybe it was just the hangup on whatever bug it encountered.

    Basically I don´t understand, why apple can´t include those functions into the AB, doesn´t seem to be such a big thing. I can´t be the only one, who needs it ..

    Thank you

      15 years ago

      Another option may be to use Address Book' vCard export and then something to convert vCards to .csv files. A search for "vCard to csv" brings up some thing. Also, I remember that the Bento database software grabs Address Book data -- perhaps that could be a method for exporting as well.

    15 years ago

    Bento solves the problem. So when being a bento User its handled. But I´m a FileMaker Oldtimer, my whole office works on Filemaker solutions since 20 years (!), so Bento is, as a "BabyFilemaker" a big backstep, I don´t want to do, just because it looks nice, and just because of this one problem.

    The other hint, I´ve to explore, but thank you so far.

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