Forum Question: Advice for Installing Sierra With Bootable MacOS Sierra Installer

I have a new 2015 iMac now with 10.11.6. I’d like to download and install Sierra, but have difficulties with a very slow internet connection. An alternative I’ve read about is to download Sierra on another device (I have a MacBook Air) and can create an installer on a USB thumb drive. I can get the MBA to a good wifi location and download Sierra. What I’ve read is I can then create and use the installer to load Sierra to the iMac. I’d like to know your opinion on this technique and if there are any issues I should be prepared for.

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    9/27/16 @ 5:24 pm

    I don’t have any experience using this technique, at least not with Sierra or any recent version of macOS. I’ve always had a decent connection.
    It sounds like you have done your research and know what to do. The only advice I have is stuff you should already be doing: make sure your iMac’s Time Machine backup is up-to-date and maybe even consider a second backup (clone) if you have another drive around.
    Let me know how it works out if you do it.

    9/27/16 @ 5:38 pm

    Will do. My next trip to a decent hotel is soon and I’ll give it a go. Yes, I have two time machine backups as well as Carbon Copy Clone.

    9/27/16 @ 5:43 pm

    Mike: You are way ahead of the curve in terms of backups and thinking this through. There may be other sources of free and fast wifi too. Apple Stores, of course. But I think some coffee places and even fast food chains offer it. In my experience hotel wifi is always painfully slow and inconsistent.

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