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After Completed Project In FCP, What To Do With the Orig Media To Save Space?

Semi new to FCP. I created a folder on my desktop to put all media that I would like to import in FCP (video, photo, music, sound effects) then created Library, Events and Project in FCP. I imported the folder contents into events. I completed FCP project. I then dragged the original folder from desktop containing all the media I wanted to use to the trash. All media except title in FCP disappeared. I put all media back into desktop folder and project was restored. Now I have three copies of each video, photo etc (Original in Photos app, second on desktop and third in events in FCP) plus the project once I export it. That is a lot of space. Any suggestions as to what I should do to either prevent this in the future, move folder off desktop etc.
Ken Vignona

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    3 years ago

    Well, you've learned that putting them on the Desktop is a bad idea. It is up to you have you organize things, but one way is to put your media in the Movies folder in your Home folder when you are doing the project. Your internal drive is usually much faster than any external drive, and the Movies folder isn't part of iCloud so you won't be uploading huge video files to iCloud Drive as you work.

    Then, when you are done you project and want to clear off space, you can move the FCP Library and the folder with your media to an external archive drive to save space.

    When you move your media relative to the FCP Library, you can tell it where those files are located using the File, Relink Files, Original Media command.

    3 years ago

    Thank you. So, after I export movie (mp4), I then can move the entire Library, Event and Project to an external drive to keep and I can access it (if I wanted to) from this drive? Then I guess I should delete the original Library, Events and Project from my laptop? As always thank you. Ken

    3 years ago

    Ken: Yes, you should be able to. Though I wouldn't do any serious work on it from the external drive as that will be too slow. You don't need to copy and delete, just move.

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