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Right now I only have MobileMe email set up on Mail by using IMAP (default setting, didn’t really tweak any settings). I thought with IMAP all my mail is on the server, but I looked in ~/Library/Mail and looked around and it looks like all my mail is also downloaded to my Mac?? Is this correct using default IMAP Mail settings?
I have a SSD boot drive with all my app’s etc., is it worth moving my mail to my data HD? How do I do that?
Lastly, I have my Gmail forwarded to MobileMe, but that means I can’t reply back using my Gmail address. I like to add Gmail to Apple Mail, but as you know Gmail IMAP is not typical, how do you have it set up?

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    1/4/11 @ 8:35 am

    With IMAP, the mail is on your server, but also mirrored on your Mac so you can browse and read it quickly. Mail and the server work together to keep them in sync.
    It isn’t worth moving your Mail to a non-default location. Just leave it where Mail wants to find it.
    I use Gmail IMAP as my main email. Not sure what you mean by “is not typical” — it works great. Just set it up as a second account in Mail. There is nothing else you need to change. It is a little different I guess in its emphasis on “archive” over “delete” (which I love). But it is pretty straight-forward how to use it in Mail.

    1/4/11 @ 10:53 am

    so Gmail on Apple Mail, if I delete, it deletes in Mail but archives in Gmail? What if I want to really delete and not archive in Gmail, is there a way to do that in Mail? That’s what I mean that Gmail is not typical. But the problem could be the other way around. If I delete in Mail, it also deletes in Gmail, but I would want the option for it to archive.

      1/4/11 @ 10:55 am

      Try it and you’ll see. You can see your “All Mail” folder/label and you can also see a “Trash” folder/label. You can drag to the Trash to really delete it if you want. You can also drag to “Spam” which is there too.

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