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Apple’s Native Password Manager Versus Third Party Pw Managers, What’s Better?

Why use a third party password manager instead of Apple’s native password manager if I’m only using Apple devices (not cross platform)? What are the advantages and disadvantages? Is one more secure than the other?

I’m using: 2017 iMac, iPad pro10.5, iPhone 8plus.
Darren Geffert

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    3 years ago

    I big advantage is indeed if you have even one device that is non-apple. Also if you need to use Chrome or another browser, then a third-party manager would make things a little smoother.

    But if you are all Apple and the iCloud Keychain functionality meets your needs, then no reason to use another one. I like that 1Password lets me easily store miscellaneous things, like the combos to padlocks and such. But you could store notes in Keychain too.

    There's also no reason to use only one. Since I used 1Password for som many years before iCloud Keychain, I just keep using them both. When I create a new password I get prompts from both to keep the password and I say yes to both. It really isn't any inconvenience.

    Tony Staples
    3 years ago

    Hey Gary that's exactly what I do - i.e. I use Keychain and 1Password together.

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