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Are Pinned Tabs Possible In Safari 15?

Are pinned tabs still possible in Safari 15.x now that tab groups are available? Thanks.

Just thinking ahead about how I might deal with the couple of pinned tabs I’ve grown accustomed to in Safari and whether I’ll have to tab-group them to get a similar experience in Safari 15. I’ve been holding back on the latest Safari update but I’m glad to see the more traditional layout is added back as an option beside the compact view.

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    2 years ago

    Yes. They work as before. But they only work with ungrouped tabs, not inside tab groups.

    The idea is that a tab group is similar to pinned tabs. So you can continue to use pinned tabs in the ungrouped tabs, or instead change to put those pinned tabs into a group and use groups instead. No right answer, just whichever you like.

    2 years ago

    Thanks. Nice to have choice.

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