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I have a 8 Gb usb drive that crashed. I lost all my data. I plug it in my mac regularly and i would like it to automatically back itself up on the imac. I have time-machine so that way i would get another backup as well.


— Tim van Waardenburg

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    6/3/10 @ 10:12 am

    Was it not backed up in Time Machine? External drive do, but I’m not sure if it was treated differently being just a flash drive.

    Tim van Waardenburg
    6/3/10 @ 1:56 pm

    No it was not.

      6/4/10 @ 7:42 am

      Here’s one thing to try. Add it to the exclusion list for Time Machine. Then remove it. That sometimes gets tm to start backing up drives it otherwise doesn’t want to. Then manually start a backup with the drive plugged in to test.

    Tim van Waardenburg
    6/5/10 @ 8:38 am

    I can’t because it is grayed out in the exclusion list. I can’t select it.

    Is there a script to automatically copy the (new) files from the USB-drive to a folder on my Mac?

      6/5/10 @ 5:33 pm

      My guess is that the flash drive is formatted as FAT32 (Windows) instead of Mac OS X Extended, Journaled.

    Tim van Waardenburg
    6/6/10 @ 4:30 pm

    Yes it is. I use it in a Windows environment a lot at work so changing it is not an option unless there is a different format that works for both Mac and Windows.

      6/6/10 @ 5:10 pm

      So I think your only option is to back it up manually from time to time.

    Tim van Waardenburg
    6/8/10 @ 1:38 pm


    Thanks for your time.

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