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Backing up iTunes library

I am not sure when but through the course of several iTunes upgrades the ability to backup your library to disc has been removed. Is there still away to do this? It was very handy to “back up files since last backup so you were not duplicating items on backup discs.

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    10 years ago

    I think that was recently removed.
    The new iCloud service will let you back up your iTunes library.
    Also, if you are doing Time Machine backups, then it is backing up your iTunes library.
    You can also simply just copy your Music folder to an external disk drive every once in a while if you like.
    A program like Carbon Copy Cloner or SuperDuper would let you do that and only copy the new/changed/deleted files to keep an external copy of your Music folder in sync.
    So, lots of options.

    Michael Wheless
    10 years ago

    Gary, I am using a Time Capsule for my Time Machine backups. Just to be clear, if I should delete a song (move it to the trash, delete it, etc) I can open iTunes, open the Time Machine, go back to when the file existed and recover it? It’s really that simple?

    Does this apply to paid songs as well as MP3 music I have accumulated (from my CD collection)?


      10 years ago

      No, you can’t enter Time Machine from within iTunes. You can find your old files in the Music folder using Time Machine. But you should never rely on backups. They are for emergencies only. Old files are only there for a short time. If you want to remove songs from your library and think you may need them later, you should archive them in a safe place.

    Mr Anthony Cotton
    10 years ago

    I use the same system more or less, like what Finder does with downloads. I put them into folders, with the artist and the album. I can easy find them because i bought the application Coloured Folder Creator Pro, and i can make a folder with the artist on it. I do not know much about iTunes. I just toss the album into the music section,or a music video the same. I was busy sorting the music out one day,and when i came to use iTunes all the music vanished. I realised i tossed the library into the trash, but all my music is in the Music category along with the music videos,and then i repeat the process.

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