Forum Question: Best way to install Office 2011 . . .

Will be getting Office 2011. Is it better to use Office 2008 Remove Office app, then install Office 2011? Or just let Office 2011 install “on top” of 2008?
2008 puts several files in the ~/Documents folder (home/documents), but I prefer having files on another HD. I just leave those files alone as you said Microsoft Office needs those folders to work properly. Maybe with 2011, there won’t be those required folders??

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    11/26/10 @ 9:31 pm

    I just installed on top of Office 2008. Office must have some of its base files in that Microsoft User Data folder I think you are referring to. You can still put your real documents anywhere you want, but you must let Office have its Microsoft User Data folder. Just ignore it.

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