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Call Blocking Apps/services for iPhone

Seeking some current input/thinking on ‘CALL BLOCKING’ apps/services’.

On my home number I’ve used Nomorobo (free) for about 1 year and it seems to really be doing the job! Calls rings 1-2 times, displays caller ID, then the call gets disconnected. On my iPhone 7 (IOS 10.3.3) I have tried a number of apps but still daily receive many random calls .. a few are marked SUSPECTED SPAM, most aren’t.

Are any of these Call Blocking tools useful? Or are they just selling my phone number to other telemarketers? I have tried HIYA, Call Protect (AT&T – my provider), CallerSmart, and Trucaller. If multiple apps are on my iPhone, does that in any way limit the effectiveness of blocking calls? I also have installed the app for Nomorobo, but they want $19.99/year on my mobile (which I would gladly pay IF it worked as well as it does at home). I used to go to to look up callers, but these days many of the calls I am receiving (which is quite close to my own mobile #)
J Matzkin

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    6 years ago

    Sorry, I don't have any advice on this as I've never used these. I just use the native Block function to block any call that comes in that is spam. But that only works after you get the call. I usually only pick up numbers I know, and otherwise let the call go to voicemail.

    I know in iOS 10 Apple opened things up so apps can block calls or at least provide caller ID information. But I don't know how effective these an be since most spam calls come from faked numbers. So how can they be on a list if they are fake?

    You may want to check with your mobile provider to see if there are some settings on that end. I think some of them have services that can block some calls.

    Has anyone else tried one of these and liked it?

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