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Camera Roll Vs All Photos In iOS 9.2.1

Why do some iPad’s running iOS 9.2.1 say ‘Camera Roll’ and other users iPad’s say ‘All Photos’ for the same cache? I’m suspicious the Settings – Photos are different regarding iCloud selections.

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    4 years ago

    Camera Roll holds the photos you take on your iPad. The idea is that you then sync with your Mac using Photos and take those into your Photos library. It emulates how we used to do it (or still do) with a separate still camera.
    The reason you don’t see it on some iPads is probably because those iPads are using iCloud Photo library. When you do that, the photos are always in sync, so there is no reason for a Camera Roll. It skips that step as you don’t need it anymore.
    That’s one of the best reasons to use iCloud Photo Library — you don’t need to “sync” photos anymore. It all happens automatically. The other reason is that you then have all of your photos on all of your devices.

    4 years ago

    Viola. TYSM. We just keep learning.

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