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Can’ Find a Good Dictionary Merriam-Webster In Apple Store?

Newest Mac Mojave. Really dissatisfied with the Mac dictionary and would like something like the Merriam-Webster dictionary – the Merriam-Webster site says it is dated 2009, is that important? Or the one that comes with my iPad. And is it possible for that become the default dictionary in Pages and Mail? Thanks.
Will P

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    5 years ago

    If you mean the software that they produce, that is probably not what you want. It is just software that lets you look up words. I think it is old and not updated now because the better way to do software like that is on the web. Just go to their website and look up words there.

    Now if it is a spellcheck dictionary you want, that's something different than the Dictionary app, where you look up the meaning of words. The spelling dictionary just contains all of the words and tries to be smart about finding replacements.

    What is your problem, exactly? Spelling or definitions? The Dictionary app uses the New Oxford American Dictionary. Using an online one is your best alternative there. But you mention Pages and Mail which makes me think you mean spelling. In that case there are no options. It is just a spelling dictionary with words in a list. You can always have it learn new words as you spellcheck.

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