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Can I Add a Reminder To My Wife’s Shopping List?

I have an iMac. My wife has a MacBook Pro. Can I add an item to her shopping list in her Remnders?

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    3 years ago

    Yes, you can share an iCloud Reminders list with other people. On the Mac, click on the little “broadcast” icon next to the name of the list (looks like the Wi-Fi symbol a bit) and you will be prompted to “Share With…” Add Apple ID email addresses to that list and the other people will get an invite to share that list. Then you can both add, remove and edit items on the same list.

    Things to check for: Make sure you are using iCloud Reminders, not old “On My Mac” Reminders lists. Make sure you both have Reminders turned on in iCloud in System Preferences. Make sure you enter the other person’s Apple ID exactly. And then they will have to accept that invitation in the Reminders app on their end. Works in iOS too, of course, but the process is a little different.

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