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Can I Be Warned By a Sound When Caps Lock Is Depressed?

I would like an app that would beep alerting me to when the CAPS LOCK key is pressed. Doe something exist for this?

I hate typing a line or a paragraph and then look at the screen and see it is in all caps when I accidentally hit the caps lock key.
Hank Chiuppi

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    3 years ago

    There's nothing built in that can do this. You may be able to do it with some third-party software. But why not just disable the Caps Lock key entirely? Just turn it off in System Preferences, Keyboard, Modifier Keys. Set it to "No Action."

    If you really need to capitalize more than one letter at a time, you can still hold down the Shift key. Or, select and use Edit, Transformations, Make Upper Case.

    Bob Schrock
    3 years ago

    Boy is THAT helpful!

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