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Can I Choose Where On My Desktop, Email Attachments End Up?

Gary, Is there a way to make email attachments saved to desktop show up in the right top corner of the desk top? I am often downloading from an email and have to move the email to find the attachment in the lower right corner of my screen.
Have you ever addressed this before?

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    3 years ago

    So there is nothing special about email attachments — they are just files like any other file. How files are displayed on the desktop depends on how you have your Finder preferences set. Click on the Desktop and then choose View, Sort By and there you have your options. The Desktop is just like any other Finder window in how things are arranged. So you could sort by “Date Added” to make things more predictable about where new items, like an email attachment, appear. If you have it set to None, then the new files you add to the Desktop will just appear in the next available space.
    Another option is to simply stop using the Desktop for this. I try to keep my Desktop empty. I organize my files in folders in Documents or iCloud Drive. I use the Downloads folder for things I download from the web or email, at least until I can put them in a proper place or delete them. Email attachments usually get dragged directly to the proper folder in Documents or iCloud Drive if I want to keep them at all.

    3 years ago

    Thank you!

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