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Can I Keep On Showing My Presentation While Quitting Presenter View?

Is it possible with keynote, mac and ipad, to keep on viewing a presentation while I do something else on my mac/ipad. For example. Sometimes I show the first slide – a welcome slide, while attendents are entering the room. I play music in the background from the same device mac/ ipad as from where I do the presentation. Can I go the in a way to the music app and stop the music to start with a the session, without stoping the welcome note on the screen, meaning without exiting presenterview in keynote. I want the welcome slide to be shown, while I stop the music in the music app and continue with the rest of the presentation. I tried but can’t find a way, I do use the extented mode of viewing.

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    1 year ago

    A few ideas. It is hard d for me to test without setting up a Mac to a projector or TV in a presentation situation, so I’m not sure which will work best. But these are what I would try.

    First, there’s a setting in Keynote, Preferences, Slideshow for “Allow Mission Control…” that allows some other things to work while in presentation mode. Turn that on and see if you can get maybe the Music mini Player to work.

    Have you tried to music playback controls on the keyboard or on your Touch Bar? Can you stop the music that way?

    How about just putting music on the first slide? Then when you advance to the second slide, it will stop?

    1 year ago

    Thanx for your answer. I wil try you sugestions. Although I tried to put the music on the first slide. I need to play at least 3-5 songs consecutively before I start and for everbody to gather in. I manage to put 5 songs on the first slide, but I have to click after the first one for the next one to start. I am then bussy greeting the peaple as they enter. I tried to change the animation for the next song to start after the previous one. But then, as soon as the one started the next one starts.

    1 year ago

    Petri: How about a slide for each song? Same visual content. Have it go to the next slide when the song ends.

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