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Can I Make & Name a Folder In One Click?

If I make a new folder on my iMac desktop, I then have to right click to rename it. Very rarely do I get the chance to name the folder when I actually create it. I am using El Capitan.
Malone Guthrie

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    5 years ago

    Well, you can't name the folder in one click, as of course you need to type to name it. But it is part of one process.

    Typically, you use File, New Folder, or Command+Shift+N and the new Folder appears, with the name "untitled folder." But that name is selected, so if the very next thing you do is to start typing, then you would be typing the new name for the folder, replacing this "untitled folder."

    So, Press: Command+Shift+N, Type: My Folder, and you should have a new folder with the name My Folder.

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