Forum Question: Can I print from my iPad?


Can I print directly from my iPad and if I can, how do I set it up? Would I have to download a certain App to do it? Thanks again Gary!


— Ed

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    9/11/10 @ 9:08 pm

    Many ways to do it.

    1. You can get a wifi printer, and then use an app provided by the printer manufacturer. For instance, Canon and HP have apps for their wifi printers. But you can only print photos. You can print from other apps by taking screen shots (which appear as photos in your camera roll) and then printing them. See this video:
    It is for the iPhone, but the same thing works for the iPad.

    2. Get the App Print Central for iPad:
    But this isn’t really printing “direct” from the iPad as it requires your Mac to be a go-between.

    3. Wait until November when iOS 4.2 for the iPad comes out. This update will include new printing functionality. It has already been announced by Apple.

    9/12/10 @ 7:23 am

    I am using an App called “eprint” which works great with my HP Wifi printer. There is a free version to try out whether or not it works with your printer. The UI is not great, but it does the job for me printing pdfs, docs and websites as well as photos. The full app is in the 2.99 range I think. But as Gary said, you would only need this until November.

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