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Can I Save a Title Page As a Template?

I use IMovie 11 on a MacBook Pro. I have a weekly Vlog and want to use the same title for each episode to start the video (color and style, etc), but change the actual text each week. Can I create some kind of a template for the title and pull it into my new VLOG weekly projects?
John S

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    3 years ago

    Yes. I used to do exactly this when I used iMovie to make the MacMost videos (I switched to Final Cut and then ScreenFlow).

    There are two ways to go. The first is to make a great template for each episode. It would include the beginning, end, all those bits. Use placeholders (backgrounds of some generic length) for where you would usually replace it with your new content. Then just duplicate that project for each new episode.

    Another way to go is to simply copy and paste. Select all the elements of the start, video, audio, titles, etc, and copy. Then paste into the new episode where you want it. Same with the ending.

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