Forum Question: Can I See and Change the Title Of Pics In My Photoroll?

I export maps (jpg’s) from my MacBook Pro to my iPhone 4 or iPad 2 (WiFi & 3G).
1 : I cannot see the title of the maps in the photoroll. Is there a way to see them?
2 : If so: can I change the title of the map(s)?
Hans Doeleman (Holland)

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    11/11/11 @ 10:58 am

    Do you mean your Camera Roll (photos taken by your iPhone) or your Photo Library (photos synced from your Mac to your iPhone?
    Either way, titles and file names are not used. You can’t view them or change them.
    It sounds like you aren’t using your Photos app for photos, though, but maybe for storing specific images, like these maps.
    There are some create apps that will do so much better for you in that task. Goodreader comes to mind. Maybe Evernote might work for you too. Both of these allow you to view many types of files, not just images. So you can store a folder full of maps, PDFs, text files, etc. Actually, DropBox might be a good option for you too as you can do this and it will sync them easily over the air.

    Hans Doeleman
    11/11/11 @ 11:04 am

    Wow! That’s a fast answer, Gary! Thanks. Indeed: Camera Roll (I translated the Dutch word, sorry). I use Evernote and DropBox already, but the maps I make are huge jpg’s or png’s and I don’t want a paid for subscription yet. I’ll have a look at Goodreader, like you suggest. Thanks again – good service!

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