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Can I Set a Text Auto Response for a Vacation?

I can do this for email, can this be done for texts? I.e.,”I’m out of range/on a tech break, I’ll respond on 12/25/18.”
Genie Ohashi

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    3 years ago

    No, there is no way to do that. Keep in mind that you receive messages through two or more completely separate systems: SMS (mobile phone service) and iMessage (Apple’s service). So you’d need to have both services support separate auto-responders and set both up in parallel. But neither service has it, so it doesn’t matter. Well, I suppose that your mobile carrier could provide such a service for SMS, but I know mine (AT&T) does not.

    You could technically create an autoresponder with AppleScript and the Mac messages app. But that would only work if your Mac was on and waiting for incoming messages, and only for iMessage, not SMS since your phone probably won’t be relaying those messages in a case like you describe.

    The good news is that since SMS/iMessage auto response is not really practically possible, no one expects it. So you won’t be offending someone by not having it.

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