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Can I Stop Autocomplete Of Location In Calendar Events?

Since the upgrade to Mountain Lion, there is an autocomplete function for the location when creating iCal events. If the word “at” appears in the event description, iCal automatically takes the text following that word and plugs it in to the location field. Also, for some reason I cannot fathom, when the word “Facebook” appears in the event description, iCal puts “Facebook” in the location field. But not always. I’ve contacted Apple about this, hoping there is a setting I couldn’t find that would turn this off. No dice. Also tried to find out if there is a Terminal command through which I could stop this from happening. Also, no dice. Any advice? It would be terrific I could stop this autocomplete function because it is not helpful.
Scott MacDougall

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    6 years ago

    I think what you are referring to is the ability of the “Create Quick Event” function to try to understand what you are typing, and create a complete event from it.
    If you don’t want it to do that, then simply don’t use that Create Quick Event function. Instead, create an event in pieces, as you would before this function was introduced.
    For instance, double-click in the calendar body itself near the time you want to place the event. Then you can type a very simple event name, one that doesn’t feature anything except the title.
    Then edit that event and specify each piece of information for the event.
    Or, likewise, you can use the Create Quick Event function but keep the title very simple. Then edit the event.
    For instance if you want to title the event “Lunch at Joe’s” simply call it “Lunch” and then edit it to add “at Joe’s” in the title.
    I’m curious though as to why you wouldn’t want to include this in the Location field? Give me an example of an “at” you would use in a title, but not want it to show in the Location.

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