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Can iPad2 stand on its own and not be an “accessory”

This may be a silly question. I have an iMAc. but, I was wondering, say if one didn’t have a desktop computer and just opted to own an ipad, How would one backup the iPad? with all the amazing apps (and data from those apps) I would imagine that eventually the device would get full. How would you go about offloading some data? or, the reverse, lets say you had a desktop computer, but that crashed. you have music, and or photos say on a jump drive, how could you get that data onto the ipad.
My ultimate question here is: Can the iPad stand alone? and what are some ways to make that possible and easy to do so. because I can’t help but perceive the iPad as being tethered, in a sense, to a desktop computer.
Rich O

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    10 years ago

    While it is definitely better to have the iPad be able to sync to your computer, it can stand alone. As proof, I know that many many people do that with the iPhone. I see that in the questions I get. A lot of people never sync their iPhones to their computers. Probably a behavior that started with earlier phones.
    There are disadvantages, of course. But they aren’t that bad if you use “the cloud” instead of syncing. For instance, you uploaded your pictures to Flickr instead of storing them on your drive. Perhaps you don’t collect music at all, but use Pandora. Or, you buy music, but only listen to it for a short time. SOme people do that (not me).
    I think eventually cloud services will make it even easier. There are rumors of a music service from Apple, for instance.

      Rich O
      10 years ago

      Thanks for the reply Gary.

      I was leaning toward a “Cloud” dependent service as a possible answer for this. I was just wondering because I know someone who wants an ipad, but is not too savvy on juggling devices. I have been noticing the trend toward more and more Cloud services, so when we get our ipads I will explore this as an alternative; you got to have that “plan B” right?

      Thanks again,
      as always, love what you do.

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