Forum Question: Can photos in iPhoto be moved to another position in folder?

My wife and I both have a camera, when i download where we have similar pictures i like to move them together but unable to move them in iphoto can be done in xp . am i not doing somthing rite

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    9/28/11 @ 6:48 am

    There is no iPhoto for Windows. So I’m not sure what you are comparing.
    In iPhoto you can view your photos in various ways. You can view by Event, all Photos, and in Albums. Events are sorted by some criteria, like the time you took the pictures. So you can’t re-arrange them because they would be out of order.
    But if you create your own album, you can sort the photos any way you want.

      9/28/11 @ 8:41 pm

      Thankyou when i mentioned xp i used to use windows on a laptop but i bought an IMAC. but i will try as you advise.
      cheers Dean

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