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Can We Still Send Via .me If We Use .iCloud?

Apple says if we use email, we’ll still RECEIVE mail sent to .me or .Mac, but do you know if we will we still be able to SEND via .me or .Mac if we start using the address?

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    11 years ago

    Two ways to answer your question.
    One: Sending from and are the same thing. There is no difference. It comes from the same servers and is routed the same way. You are not sending from either one -- you are sending from your client app on your Mac through Apple's servers, to the recipient.
    Two: What you are probably thinking of is the data in the email. This data includes the "from" and "reply-to" fields. It is just data, but it governs how the person reading the email sees who it is from and what happens when they hit the "reply" button.
    Check out your Mail preferences. Under accounts, look for that iCloud account. Then look in account information. It should give you a pop-up menu where you can select which email address you would like to use. For instance, you may see,, You may also see all sorts of other aliases that you have set up for your iCloud account. You can choose any one and it should make the email look like it is coming from that specific email address, even though they are all the same.
    Another thing: there's really nothing to do here. If you have you now have (you have for some time, but Apple just sent out a reminder about this). So there is no switch to throw. People can send to either one, and you can make it appear as if you are sending from either one.

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