Forum Question: Cannot Play .wmv attachment on iPhone 3gs

Hello …
i recieve alot of e-mails with .wmv files attached,
my Iphone does not play these files …
is there any way or an app that i must download to make there attachments work ?

p.s. i am using Iphone 3GS

Thank you

— Alaa

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    6/9/10 @ 7:03 am

    There’s really nothing you can do about it on an iPhone. You’ll need to view those on a computer or get whoever is sending them to you to do it in a better format.

    carla pruitt
    4/5/11 @ 3:38 pm

    well I know the people at my factory are very unhappy about getting the iphone 3gs because of it not playing this format. That is one of the main reasons we bought an iphone 3gs. I know a guy that has a 3g and he received them just not the long version. This seems stupid that the previous model can receive them and not the newer model. Better fix this!!!!!!

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