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Changes I see since upgrading to 4.2.1

It seems my iTunes has changed since I’ve updated to OS 4.2.1 for my iPods and iPad. The number which appears next to my “Podcasts” used to read “475” and now reads “27” but it seems nothing has actually changed in that library. I’ve also noted that on the individual devices, the amount of memory used and available in that bar/graphic has shifted. I seem to have much more memory available. Am I crazy?

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    9 years ago

    Dig deeper. How many podcasts do you have stored on the device now? If it was 475, and it is now 27, then that explains both things.

    9 years ago

    space required for music appears to have been reduced as well on mine.

    also noted after 4.2.1 update, I can’t lock the aspect to stay on horizontal view. now that switch just turns off sound.

    anyone find if that option for locking the view has been lost???

      9 years ago

      It is still there. You just must double-tap to look at the multitask switcher, then swipe that to the right all the way to the iPod controls. There you should be able to lock the orientation.

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