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Classic OS Disk Images made usable with Snow Leopard

I have a Mac Color Classic that I am desperately trying to get working again, the hard drive finally died after 18 years, but I want to put System 7.5 back on the system. I can’t get my external CD drive to work, I think that’s toast. But I have backup disk images made in 1997 to put back on floppies to reinstall the OS. How, I ask, can I take these files that 10.6.6 recognizes as “Disk Tools.image” and “Install Set 1.image” to basically restore to some floppies that I have? I know this is a long shot, but I haven’t been an Apple Certified Technician since Mac OS 8.1 was released. I’ve spent most of the last 15 years in the PC world.
Bobby Walker

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    10 years ago

    So you want to get that data on to some floppies? Do you have a USB floppy drive or some way to write to floppies?
    That would be your main problem. Other than that, I’d imagine Disk Utility would be your best bet for opening those .image files.

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