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Computer sharing files

I’m not sure how to word out my question, but here is the “scenario”: I have an Imac and a Macbook, both upgraded to Snow Leopard, Intel Core Duo. I’d like to be able to transfer files-photos-links over from one computer to the other remotely. So far I have been emailing myself to duplicate the info. I need both computers to have the same info. I ave found the following instructions: “finder-go-connect to server” but it gives me remote access, not able to transfer stuff from the Drop Box on the Desktop. Is there a way I can transfer everything I need by the click of a button whether I’m working on the Macbook or the Imac? Thank you in advance…

— Sameen

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    10 years ago

    First, check out episode 320 for simple file sharing basics.
    You can use the Finder to transfer documents back and forth between your Macs.
    But you mention three different types of things: files, photos and links.
    For files, you can use simple file sharing. Though if you have documents you are constantly updating on both Macs you might want to consider a cloud-based file sharing service like MobileMe’s iDisk or a free DropBox account.
    For photos, you should look into iPhoto’s sharing function. I would have your photo library on your iMac and have iPhoto running with sharing turned on. Then use iPhoto on your MacBook to view the shared photos — otherwise you are dealing with having to keep two separate photo libraries in sync which is a pain.
    Third, you said “links” — do you mean bookmarks in Safari? Using MobileMe you can automatically keep your bookmarks (and calendar and contacts) in sync between Macs (and i-devices). You should look into it if synced bookmarks are important to you. Otherwise, maybe an online bookmarking service (delicious) could be a better option.

      10 years ago

      Brilliant info Gary,
      thanx a million, I didn’t realize the three diff. things I was trying to transfer over required diff. procedures. I will get on it asap,

      and keep you posted. Again thank you,
      much appreciated!

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