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Copying a Saved Search In Finder To Another Mac (iMac To MacBook)?

How can you copy a Saved Search such as you recently demonstrated from one Mac to another without having to go through the whole process of recreating it on a second Mac?

Trying to save time with a long complicated Saved Search.
Bob Herwick

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    3 years ago

    When you create a Smart Folder (Saved Search) all that is created is a small file that looks like a folder, but is actually just the list of search criteria. Look in that Saved Searches folder and you'll see them. Or, better yet, when you create a Saved Search, save it to a location you can more easily access.

    Then take that file and move it to your other Mac. When you double click it to open, it will perform the same saved search. Try it with a test and you'll see.

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