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Delete and Save Numbers Files for Later Use

Gary, I have to get my iMac (27″ Sierra) checked by Apple technicians (AppleCare). I will likely have to give them my user admin account in order to check the cause of the problem (random shut downs). I’d like to deny access to a few Numbers files I have. Only three files, but they have personal data. I intend to copy these to an external drive and then delete the files from from the iMac and the iCloud copy as well (if I said that correctly). Essentially, erase them but copy them after the service. I do have a time machine back up as well as Carbon Copy Clone copies. Does my plan make sense from a security viewpoint?

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    2 years ago

    Why do you need to give them access to your admin account? Just create another admin account with nothing in it. Then give them access to that. That’s what I would do (have done).

    Some people go to the extreme of wiping the whole Mac before handing it over to anyone else. I suppose in a high-security situation that is the way to go. Plus, you have to assume that any service will accidentally or purposely wipe the drive so you end up having to restore anyway. But usually that doesn’t happen unless the problem is with the drive.

    Of course, anyone with admin privileges can get access to another admin account if they really want to. So you while it is unlikely that the Apple employee will try to look at your files, you technically still do need to go through with your plan.

    I suppose it makes sense. You could also create an encrypted disk image that contains those files if you want to leave a copy on the Mac because you are nervous about having it in too few places. You would use Disk Utility for that.

    Remember that if they will have access to your iCloud account that the files will be in (web site) > Settings > Advanced > Restore Files for 30 days unless you go there and delete them.

    2 years ago

    I already had set up two repair accounts. One as admin and one as standard. I had read reports of technicians needing the user’s admin to do a complete analysis. Of course, I’ve also read that the repairs can be done by use of a standalone start up HDD and the users was not needed. Yes, I have come to realize the usefulness and danger with use of cloud storage. I am not just paranoid. I did have two instances of technicians using the device to download copywritren materials but left clues.

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