Forum Question: Deleting pics out of an iPhoto smart album

One of my pet peeves is the gargantuan size of my photo library. I’ve gone through many different ways of trying to keep it trimmed. One obvious way is through smart folders. The problem is that smart folders won’t let you actually put pics directly in the trash. Sometimes I get the option to see them in events or pictures, but sometimes not.

What is the best way to delete pictures completely using smart folders? Or is there a better way to do it?

— Todd

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    4/29/10 @ 7:56 am

    Think of smart folders as saved searches. They just show you pictures that meet a certain criteria, like a search would. You just don’t have to specify the search each time.
    So they are not good tools to use for deleting photos.
    I would just use the photos view or the events view to delete photos. I don’t actually delete any photos at all, I save them all. Hard drive space is cheap, memories are not — that’s what I figure.

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