Forum Question: Difference function in Numbers & ‘Date Added’ Finder option?

I have 2 unrelated questions.
Firstly (I’m a spreadsheet duh, so pardon the silly question) I have a column A which is a cost, B which is the advance paid and C which is balance due…the difference between A and B. When I click on a cell in C and type ‘=A-B’ it generates the difference for that individual cell…but how do I do it for all the entries in that column?
Secondly, I have some videos downloaded from the net in which in finder can be sorted by Date Created and Date Modified, but Date Created seems to be pre-set dates, it appears, by the creator of the video…I want to be able to sort the files by Date Added…meaning when I downloaded it to my hard drive. Possible?

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    2/21/11 @ 8:44 am

    For the first question, just copy and paste. If you put that formula in C2, then it finds the difference between B2 and A2. Copy and paste it into C3 and it will work for B3 and A3.
    For the second, all you can do is sort by data that the Finder has. If it doesn’t know when it was moved to that particular location, then there’s nothing you can do to sort them that way. I would suggest renaming them, perhaps with a number at the start for each like “1 My” so you can sort them by name.

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